Virtual Visits

I love talking to readers! Since school budgets don’t often provide for in-person author visits, I offer a limited number of free 25-minute virtual visits which can include sharing historic photographs that inspired my work. I especially like answering readers’ questions, so I leave at least half the time for Q and A. My cat, Pippi Longstocking, may make a cameo appearance.

To request a virtual visit, please visit my contact page and include the following information in your message:

  • Your name and school, library, or bookstore name
  • The grade or grades and approximate number of readers
  • The date and time requested in Pacific time. I can offer up to two consecutive visits with a 15-minute break for regrouping so more students can participate.
  • The type of visit (SKYPE, Zoom, etc.)

Before the visit, we’ll test our online logins and your computer and projector to make sure we’re really connected and ready to go.

To help your students get more out of a virtual visit, I suggest that most of your students read at least part of one of my books and write down a question they’d like to ask me.

I hope we get a chance to meet online!